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Mia Moss

Mia is an artist, teacher, & community-builder based in Berlin, Germany.

After receiving her BFA in the United States, Mia joined a community pottery studio. She channels the enthusiasm of her first instructors in the classes she now teaches today, passionate about paying it forward and spreading the love of her craft.

Mia is also a community activist & founder of Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv e.V., an avid gardener, food preserver, DIY-advocate, and lover of all earth's creatures.

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Moss Keramik is a rapidly evolving ceramic studio and pottery school in east Berlin. Settled in an old building once occupied by the Stasi, Mia Moss combines an ancient craft with modern design. The Moss Keramik mission is to spread the love of handmade pottery & empower people to make their own.


Moss keramik is a safe space for all genders, races, sexualities, religion, origin, and people of all kinds.

If you are curious about pottery, you are welcome!


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