Firing Fees

Firing fees are 5€ per kilo of finished work. These are calculated when your piece is through it’s final firing and returned to you.

Firing fees cover:

  • studio clay

  • studio glazes

  • delivery of materials

  • mixing glazes

  • kiln maintenance & repairs

  • kiln accessory maintence & replacement

  • loading & unloading the kiln

  • processing, weighing, & ticketing

  • electricity

Any outside materials must be tested and vetted before use. All fees are processed through your Materials Account.

How the materials account works

Every member has their own materials account. You must deposit money via cash or bank transfer. You must always have a positive balance in your account.

Each time your pieces come out of the final kiln, they are weighed and automatically deducted from your material account. You will be notified when your account is low, and can ask about your balance at any time.

If you run out of money in your materials account, you pieces will not be fired. You must always have a positive balance in your account.

If you have leftover money in your account when you are leaving the studio, you will receive a cash payout.