Become a Potter in Residence!

The residency program is for up-and-coming ceramic artists looking for a space to practice their work, as well as a community to join & learn from.

More the just a workspace, this program is for potters who are excited to engage in a close-knit community of ceramicists at all levels— from beginner to professional.

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Residency Fee: 260€


  • 24/7 access to the space including a key

  • full access to main studio space (excluding classes)

  • small private space in the cellar

  • firing services

  • access to all studio materials

  • access to all basic tools

  • access to our studio shop, where you can purchase more specialized tools & equipment at wholesale price

  • opportunity to sell some pieces in the shop (see below)

  • opportunity to participate in gallery shows, member potlucks, and other events hosted by Moss Keramik


  • at least 6 months and/or demonstrable experience working in ceramic

  • a good grasp of how pottery studios function (you will be given a full orientation to how things work in our studio specifically)

  • good communications skills, ability to work alone in the space, and a tidy attitude to always leave the space better than you arrived


  • occasional participation in community projects & events

  • group ownership & responsibility for the space

  • good communication and an open attitude when coming into work

  • a desire to learn from & to teach one another 

  • follow Studio Policies & be courteous to others using the space 

  • must maintain a positive balance in your materials account (see Firing Fees)

  • minimum residency term is 3 months (there is no maximum)

  • must give notice 1 month notice of cancellation

  • keep private space clean within reason (safety)

  • must pay 300€ security deposit


  • There will be a small space in the shop for the Potters in Residence to sell their wares. You can choose whether or not to take advantage of this. Moss Keramik will take a 10% commission to pay for shop-related expenses. 

  • You can get paid (or pay off your residency fee) by taking over some of the jobs in the studio. We will be hiring Studio Managers to monitor the open studio and perform various maintenance duties, and teachers to teach the various classes. If your wages surpass your residency fees, you must be registered as self-employed and be able to issue invoices for your work. 

How do I become a resident?

Simply email Mia at and send an overview of your experience, qualifications, and why you would be a good fit for our space. If there is a spot available, we will arrange an interview and go from there.