Studio Sale Terms & Conditions

  • Participation in the event is free for studio members, however it is expected that you volunteer somehow in the execution of the event. Every participating seller must volunteer unless with permission from Mia.

  • You will adhere to the drop off/pick up times of your work, as well as show up on time for your shifts. Any leniency on your part becomes a burden on others. Please communicate with the managers if something is unclear or if you will be late.

  • You understand this is a mixed sales event and give up control of how your products are displayed. If you have any problems with how your products are displayed, please speak with the managers and a solution will be found. Every effort will be made to display your work as beautifully as possible.

  • You may only display your work unless you have direct permission from Mia.

  • Theft and breakage do happen. You are displaying your products in public at your own risk. You will not hold the studio accountable for any lost or broken pieces.