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Mia Moss

is the founder and owner of Moss Keramik. She is an artist, teacher, & community-builder.

After receiving her BFA in the United States, Mia joined a community pottery studio. She channels the enthusiasm of her first instructors in the classes she now teaches today, passionate about paying it forward and spreading the love of her craft.

Mia is also a founder of Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv e.V., an avid gardener, food preserver, and DIY-advocate.

Ransom Urbanowicz

teaches wheel-throwing and glaze-mixing classes at Moss Keramik. Ransom studied Fine Arts in University with an emphasis in Ceramics.

In 2013, Ransom founded Takoma Ceramics with two friends, producing custom artisan pieces for artists and designers, as well as its own line of table wares. In 2015 Ransom left Takoma to design and manufacture waterless ceramic toilets for composting systems

Ransom is currently living and working in Berlin. He is concentrating on sustainability and comfort within living spaces and communities.

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Diana Estabridis

Diana teaches wheel classes at Moss Keramik. She studied Product Design and delved into ceramics while living in Peru in 2009. She worked in a medium mass production factory and learnt about slip casting, hand-building and glazing techniques from traditional ceramicist back there. 

In 2012 Diana studied a Masters in Exhibition Design in New York. Here she started focusing on wheel-throwing as well. 

Today in Berlin, she shares her time between both professions, producing her own ceramics collections and designing exhibits.

Adele Howsen

Adele is resident & studio monitor at Moss Keramik. Find her and her mad glazing experiments on Monday & Fridays.

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Laura Breidenthal

Laura teaches wheel throwing, hand building, and glazing classes at Moss Keramik.

While receiving her degree in Environmental Science at the University of California, Davis, she became involved with the school’s Ceramics Studio. She gained experience wheel throwing, large scale hand building, glaze mixing, and raku firing.

Laura has been a technician and teacher with ceramics studios in California and Colorado for the past 4 years, and is currently a resident artist at Moss Keramik.

Agata Modzelewska

Agata is resident & studio monitor at Moss Keramik. Find her throwing like a pro on Wednesday evenings.